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Season 1: Episode 3 – The Civil War

Bryn Tal continues telling her story of how Anturia came to be co-inhabited by humans in this episode where Anturians begin to battle against each other.


Content Warning:  There is a fight scene in this episode with violence.  Please do not listen if you are sensitive to such triggers.


Music was created, performed, recorded, and mixed by Michael Sawyer specifically for the Anturia Diaries: Prequel Stories podcasts.

Season 1: Episode 2 – The Great Rift

In Episode 2: The Great Rift, we get to know a little about Bryn Tal and a couple of the other council members on the Council of Elders.  A secret is revealed and things start to get uncomfortable for our narrator.

Music written, composed, performed and mixed by Michael Sawyer for this podcast.