Welcome to Anturia

Welcome to the world of Anturia!

What are the Anturia Diaries?

The Anturia Diaries is a collection of first-person journals written by the residents of Anturia, both native and those humans brought to Anturia from Earth. The diaries tell how two planets become intertwined forever, sometimes with disastrous results. Some of the narrators are excellent, accurate, and hardly ever exaggerate. Some of the narrators are complete liars, and other narrators view the happenings on Anturia through various lenses filtered by their emotions.

Your job as the reader is to learn about each narrator so you can decide what the real story of Anturia is and is not. In understanding the true story of Anturia and its inhabitants, you can learn how different or how similar sentient life on another planet may be from that on Earth.

What is Anturia?

Anturia is a planet very similar to Earth in the atmosphere and geographical conditions. Some differences exist, such as Anturia has two moons instead of one, although one is pretty distant. Anturia is still highly active geologically as the planet is still hardening its exterior, which means volcanoes are plentiful. Earthquakes are common along specific fault lines. Like Earth, Anturia is mostly ocean/salt water. It has three main landmasses, but only two are known to have inhabitants: Landoris (western hemisphere) and Tukdurin (eastern hemisphere).

What is the main species on Anturia?

The main sentient species on Anturia is called Tywyth Teg. There are four primary races of Tylwyth Teg and many sub-races under each. They have advanced telepathic skills and a subconscious ability to bend elements on the planet to their will depending on their race and sub-race. They are technologically advanced, but they do not appear to be so. All synthetic materials for housing, vehicles, clothes, etc., are created to look natural and can even decompose with benefit to the soil around it with specific preparations (usually the addition of a bauxite blend). They had only one spaceport in the community of Teithia on the continent of Landoris, and they are familiar with space. However, few Tylwyth Teg ever expressed interest in traveling through space or welcoming outsiders. The only spaceport at the beginning of the stories is in Teithia, so the council that ruled the planet could address all issues that might arise from outsiders. Tylwyth Teg str immortal and only die from violence or accidents.

What else lives on Anturia?

In addition to the Tywyth Teg, Anturia is home to many animals that are similar or even identical to animals on Earth. There are some exceptions, such as Draig, similar to Earth’s mythical dragons, and others you will learn about in the stories. Some are location-specific animals found only in those places on the planet. They never permitted off-worlders (what the Anturians call people who are not native to Anturia) to take up residency on Anturia until the prequel stories when humans arrived.

What are the Anturia Diaries: Prequel Stories?

The Anturia Diaries: Prequel Stories are the first-person journals collected by Anturians before humans were on the planet, during their arrival, and the settling of humans on the Earth through the lens of the native Anturians first. The stories relay an attempt to preserve life on the planet during a chaotic time. Author Heather L. McMillan narrates the Prequel Stories. The Prequel Stories are free and available via podcast here at anturia.org or in most places where you enjoy listening to your podcasts. Some episodes are now available on YouTube.

Are there novels?

Author Heather L. McMillan is writing the first book in the Anturia Diaries series, Malice in the Darkness, which begins approximately 35 years after the Prequel Stories narration begins. There are outlines for two sequels after the first book is finished and edited.   The novels will center on the Humans and native Anturians who vie for control over the planet, with the different sides being those who want a more democratic and open approach to government and those who want a combination of authoritarianism and totalitarian government. The main protagonist in the novel is a human female named Kerrih, who changed her name to Kerrinne upon becoming a Queen of Anturia.  Kerrih, born in 15th century Scotland on Earth, learned the most significant secrets of the planet of Anturia. The question is, does she wield this knowledge and her power for good or evil? The narrators of the diary entries in the novels seek to explore Queen Kerrinne and her actions to determine her true motives for this chaotic planet.

How can I reach out to the author?

Heather loves to get fan mail! Please email earthlyscribe@gmail.com if you’d like to talk to the author. There will be a monthly newsletter coming out soon that we’d love the fans of Anturia to sign up to receive. The newsletter includes new updates on the Prequel Stories, as well as updates on the novel. It will also offer some insight into Heather’s writing process, personal life, and the inspirations behind the world of Anturia and its inhabitants.

How can I support the author?

Writing is slow-going due to working full-time and being a full-time flower gardener (spring through fall). Heather dreams of the day she can write full-time and divulge all the stories from Anturia that have evolved in her mind for over 40 years. If you enjoy the world of Anturia and can contribute anything to this project, it is greatly appreciated but never required. Currently, you can make donations through Venmo ( @kerrinne – two r’s and two n’s) or become a Patreon with a monthly subscription at various levels.

Sharing the world with others is the best gift you can offer! You don’t have to spend money to support the author and the Anturia Diaries series! Instead, tell your Sci-Fi and Fantasy story-loving friends about Anturia Diaries and give them the links to this page and the podcast.